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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Erik Talboom

Job Coach
email erik [at] co-learning [dot] be
Skypeid talboomerik
Company Co-Learning
City (Country) Affligem
Time 45'
Type of Conference Workshop / 20 attendees
Level Everybody

Hands on session: Splitting up a problem into microservices


As a software craftsman I wonder around Europe to help and challenge people in they way they deal with code quality and good coding practices. As facilitator of coderetreats and legacycoderetreats I have the pleasure of working with a lot of different people across Europe that are passionate about creating clean and beautiful applications that bring value to their customers. These retreats are a perfect way to practice techniques and for me to experiment with different ways to help people learn about clean code and good code design.


Based on my experience facilitating code retreats I have had many similar questions and challenges over the last few years. One concept that I challenge every single pair on at some time is the single responsibility principle. When developing different concepts of one problem it is very easy to break single responsibility, just because it is convenient to do so. During this session we will do a short modelling exercise on a given problem after which we will split the group in pairs. Each pair chooses their own domain concept to work on and creates a microservice around this concept. When you need something from another concept, you will go and talk to the pair that is implementing this concept and agree on a service contract so that you can continue your implementation. Together we will also agree on how our microservices will communicatie with each other. Preferably in a way that we don't all have to work in the same language.


Please bring along your laptop with your favourite development environment set up. And prepare for web development if possible.

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